by joel Sampson / N5LXI

The WAS (Worked All States) and DX (distance) SSB nets are a great way to make contacts, make new friends and have fun. New check-ins will make a ton of contacts! Check out How to Get Started on HF WAS/DX Nets and other operational guides below. They will help you get started on the nets and HF.

You don't need a lot of gear to work HF nets. A 100 watt transceiver and a dipole will work fine. I use a 132' dipole fed with ladder line and QRO is 100 watts. Some stations only operate mobile and there are also several professional 18-wheel drivers on the nets that give us a lot of great contacts in rare states and state capitals. If you are a CW operator, there are many HF CW nets.

My favorie HF nets are the 3905 Century Club 40-, 75- and 160-meter late nets. I'm on vacation from net control duties, but used to NCS the Monday 40-meter late and Friday 75-meter late nets. Listen for a QSO Fiesta when I guest NCS. Most 160 meter nets do not operate in the Summer.

The 75-meter Extra Geratol Net is fun and less QSL card oriented. It runs in the Winter only. If the band conditions are good I'm likely to be running 5-watts QRP, unless I'm net control.

Original N5LXI HF Operational Guides

Getting started in HF WAS and DX nets
Reporting signals on SSB
Phonetic Alphabet - know your A, B C's
State capitals and call district

QSL Card Dividers


QSL Card Dividers free download

Free QSL Card Dividers

If you work the nets you will collect a lot of QSL cards you need to organize. I use plastic boxes made for note cards or photographs. I also designed the dividers below to organize my cards.

state_dividers.pdf (144k) - Download, print, cut and make QSL Card Dividers. File cards by state, plus Canada and DX. Requires free Adobe Acrobat reader.

N5LXI awards, nets and memberships

If you work me the HF nets, you might want to know my numbers.

3905 CC Awards 40-meters 75-meters 160-meters
100-point # 2114 2376 297
WAS 843 864  
Nite Owl 205 225 19
Alphabet Soup 345    
Certificate Hunter 314    
Bakers Dozen (mobile) 1044 - W9JAY
1111 - K5DUG
1112 - KG4NBL 1185 - KG4NBL
Net Control Net Controller Award 2/9/02
Journeyman Net Control 4/28/02
Expert Net Control 9/11/02
2003 40-M Late Net Outstanding NCS
2004 40-M Late Net Outstanding NCS

10-10 Cat
10-10 Cat

Other Nets Notes Number
Geratol Net 3.668 MHz @ 1:00 Z;
Oct 1 - April 30
Director's Award 444
QCWA Life-member 32,121
OMISS Catch me on 20-meters 4372
10-10 International Life-member, but not as active as I would like to be. 722.76
Triple H Net 7.190 MHz @ 07:00 Z WAS 768
Ham of the Month April, 2001
10-10 QRP Award 14
10 Club Station 18
10 State Trucker 29
50-50 218
50-75 148
50-100 138