N5LXI Amateur Radio, joel Sampson in Dallas, Texas

Amateur radio station N5LXI is licensed to joel Sampson. A ham since 1964, I have an Extra Class license. My ham bio and information about my equipment is on my ham bio page. The QTH is Dallas, Texas.

I work as a full-time artist. I'm primarily work in new media assemblage which combines mechanics, electronics and music - all my skills. I also do urban photography, mixed media and collage. Art, a bio and more information are at my main web site, www.joelsampson.com. I have art in two major museums and several corporate collections.

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FT8 - If you worked me lately, it's probably on FT8 mode. I'm usually on 40-meters, depending on band conditions. I'm using a new Kenwood TS-590SG Anniversary Model (a great radio for SSB & digital) and a 43' homebrew vertical (the only working HF antenna working well at present) fed with ladder-line. It's very different, but I've worked a lot of stations. All stations worked are now on LoTW! I update LoTW every couple of days. I'm getting some new QSL cards printed if you are waiting on hard copy. 11/4/17

The links page is now updated and they all work (for now). 10/4/17

The entire Official Verfied Dallas / Fort Worth Repeater Director is in the slow process of being updated! Plus I'm rewriting the HTML to be 'resonsive' to work on all devices, including cell-phones and tablets.

There is a new ham store in town, Ham Radio Outlet, 701 E. Plano Parkway in Plano (across from Fry's). They have a fully stocked showroom! It's nice to have HRO, Texas Tower and Frys so close!

Verified Dallas / Fort Worth Repeater Directories

This is the official verified source of Dallas and Fort Worth repeater frequencies! There are a lot of printed, on-line and other repeater directories. What makes this one unique is the frequencies are actually verified. Many of the repeaters listed in other directories are non-working. Plus several are not listed. All of these repeaters actually work! I have spent considerable effort on this project over the past several years. I also list public service and other frequencies that may be of use. Please do not lift my data, for one reason it changes often.

We have a lot of working repeaters in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex. Many of the machines are not very active. The repeaters owned by radio clubs tend to be more active and usually are up. I do not list repeaters that I know are truly closed.

These pages are formated without my left menu. It makes it easier to print out.

Two Meter Band
Verified Dallas / Fort worth Two-meter (144 MHz) FM repeaters
Two-meter Simplex FM frequency chart
All Southwest Two-meter FM Repeaters within 500 miles of Dallas

Other Bands
Verified Dallas / Fort worth 1.25 meter (222 MHz) FM repeaters
Verified Dallas / Fort worth Seventy-centimeter (440 MHz) FM repeaters
Ten-meter FM repeaters

Dallas / Fort Worth Nets

D/FW 6-meter, VHF & UHF Nets

Dallas / Fort Worth Public Service and Other Frequencies

Verified area NOAA weather frequencies
Verified Dallas Police & Fire frequencies
Dallas Area Rapid Transit, DART Railroad frequencies

Transportation Frequencies
U.S. AAR Railroad frequencies
U.S. Maritime frequencies

Family Radio Service Frequencies - new
FRS & GMRS frequencies

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